Aceon A-Style Ignition Coil


Aceon A-Style Ignition Coils are an upgraded substitute with modern bobbin processing and highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores.

Advanced bobbin construction, highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores, tailored windings, proper resistance, and engineered turn ratios are all A-Style Ignition Coils features, resulting in a high-performance, high-quality coil. High-temperature epoxy is engineered to withstand shock and vibration while increasing thermal conductivity. These coils are direct substitutes for OEM coils with better performance.



  • Advanced bobbin technology surrounds unique silicone magnetic steel cores with precisely wrapped windings to help preserve the correct resistance and turn ratios needed to provide a better performance spark.
  • A-Style Ignition Coils are made of a material with high dielectric power. The housings are then filled with a high-temperature epoxy that increases thermal conductivity while also withstand shock, vibration, and chemicals used in engines.
  • Direct Plug-In Replacement yields a Clear OE Fit.
  • Direct Plug-In Replacement yields a Clear OE Fit.

German and Japanese Technologies

Due to the high demands placed on ignition coils, the design and the materials used must be resistant to heat and moisture in the engine bay and function reliably, so We back up ignition coil quality with Japanese and German Technologies.
Manufacturing Equipments:
  • TANAC Secondary Winding Machine(Japan)
  • NITTOKU Secondary Winding Machine(Japan)
  • MIYACHI Resistance Welding Machine(Japan)
  • HÜBERS Vacuum Casting System(Germany)