O.E Series Ignition Coils

Bringing OE Quality to Today’s Aftermarket Ignition Coils

Aceon OE Series ignition coils that cover more than 50 million vehicles in operation today, Aceon provides an extensive catalog of ignition coils solutions for the U.S vehicles. Together, Aceon ensures that all ignition coils are engineered and produced to meet/exceed O.E.M specifications. Aceon’s coils are IATF16949 certified and all products undergo stringent validation prior to being released to the aftermarket.

OE Ignition Coil Replacment

Committed to Exceptional Quality

Highlights of the IATF16949 -certified facility include lean manufacturing methods and vertically integrated manufacturing processes that include multi-spindle winding, injection molding, potting, curing, and welding. All Aceon coils are tested by Germany testing machines includes:

  • Thermal shock
  • Thermal cycling
  • Salt spray
  • Vibration
  • Humidity



  • OE manufacturing controls wire lengths, keeps voltage the same
  • High quality wire coating resists imperfections
  • Reliable voltage for smooth engine performance
  • Excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection

 Ignition Coil OE replacement for Toyota

New to Aceon

Our catalog of OE Series ignition coils is constantly expanding with the introduction of approximately 50-100 new ignition coils every year. Our standards are constantly improving to keep in line with the evolution of an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. We present ourselves to our customers as a single partner for all their needs in the auto parts aftermarket.